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Big Connect Drone is a renowned part of services offered by "BIG Connect Services". Due to our unbeatable services, we are categorized as one of largest Drone network services in India. We are not only providing pre-made drone services but also, we are catering services to manufacture customized drones according to client’s need. We are also engaged to provide teaching program for the students who want to learn how to use Drones. Apart from this the students who want to learn to design drones can also join us. We have designed drones for various purposes like: Flower Dropping, Surveillance, Pesticide Spraying, Spray Painting, Object lifting. However, any of these drones can be further customized as per the need of our valuable clients.

Our Services

Our Services

Aerial Videography / Photography

This kind of option is to convert videos/photographs to an extra-ordinary piece of art. The drones for aerial videography are helpful to capture unique and high resolution pictures and videos.

Aerial Mapping Services

Land mapping via drones is a trendy art which is used for Aerial shoot, for this specialized drones are manufactured. If only raw footage is the need of the day, then Drone will set to do the shoot only without damaging picture quality.

Pesticide Sprinkling

Technology driven farming is today’s trend. Our specialized and customized drones are designed with purpose to lift upto 5 lt. and don’t go down before 15 – 20 mins. It helps to sprinkle the pesticides with a particular speed.

Aerial Surveillance & Inspection

These kinds of Drones are designed for Aerial surveillance. It helps security professionals to keep an eye all around be it is tall Windmills, towers, construction sites, Chimneys, Junkyards, Factories, etc.

Aerial Marketing

In crowded areas, these drones are helpful to hang banners. It is a common process today to display the ads over highest banners. Drones with Geo-stationary are useful to provide proper stability to the banners. With the capacity to go upto a height of 1000 mts, these drones can have speed of 50 kmph.

Wedding Videography

Aerial Videography by drones is also amazing to capture best moments of pre-Wedding Shoots, Wedding shoots, Destination Shoots, and also Post wedding shoots. In this task, the technologies with drones are used named as: Handicam shoots and Osmo camera shoots.


Check the video to know how drone videography works.

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I was looking for a drone which can provide best results for wedding photography, from Big connect drones I found right one. I appreciate the team work which offered me best Drone.


I was the one who had desire to learn use of Drone. Big connect drones helped me to get proper and worthy lesson to use this device for various uses. I appreciate the teachers working here.

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